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"Elena is absolutely amazing. She took what I told her I wanted and ran with it. I was so busy with "life" I didn't have time to focus on all the wedding details... especially when I only had a 47 day engagement!! She made everything so easy and seamless for me. She was always available to assist in seeking out ideas, items, prices, and more...She was very organized and communicated with all the vendors to ensure everyone and everything was on track come the day of the wedding. My husband and I enjoyed our day so much, it was a dream come true. She took care of the decor and floral as well as execution and nailed it. I highly recommend her regardless of how little or how much you need!"  - Brittany

"I seriously cannot say enough about Elena!! I wanted to have someone there on our wedding day who would take care of any issues that came up, keep us on track, and make sure the venue was set up just right so we could just sit back and enjoy the day...Elena did that and so much more. Even before my big day she took the time to personally answer my many many questions. Then on my wedding day she took on any role that the moment demanded; seamstress, groomsmen wrangler, time keeper, decorator, and more. She put out fires that I didn't even know happened until the next day. I was completely at ease and was able to enjoy every single moment with my new hubby without one single worry!! That was the best gift I could have received. Thanks to Elena I was able to be fully present for all the big and little moments of my wedding day and so were my family and friends!!"  - Melissa

"She blew us away on our wedding day! I had a dream vision of what I wanted my wedding to look like.. and somehow she managed to fumble through the many ideas I thought up and created my dream wedding! I will never forget the moment I stepped outside after getting ready.. and seen it all! The most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. Thank you a million Elena!!"  -Sarah

"Elena planned my wedding and it was amazing! I was super overwhelmed due because the night before my hydrangeas had died and when I got to the venue the next day somehow they were revived! She got the little things done like ask the venue to take down some of their pictures they had on the walls. Not to mention she was sick and still did amazing! I couldn't be happier with the outcome! Oh and I didn't know what I wanted for our bridal table backdrop and left it in her hands and it was gorgeous! Definitely recommend her! It's nice to have someone in your corner and only your corner to make sure it's the best and most memorable/stress free day for you!"  


"If you are looking for a coordinator to literally make your wedding day dream come true then look no further than Elena Events! Elena helped us to create an unforgettable day and made everything come together seamlessly and stress free. I remember seeing her early in the day, high up on a ladder when no one else was around making sure every detail was perfect. I knew we had brought the right person in to help us and was so pleased to see the attention to detail. Thank you so much are awesome!!"  -William

"You will not be disappointed in Elena. She made my wedding-on-a-budget look like a million dollars! I had a vision of what I wanted my wedding to be and she came through in all the aspects of it-from the ceremony to the reception, she got it done. She made planning practically stress free for me. People still comment on how beautiful my wedding was and how they had never been to one as gorgeous as mine! I could not have accomplished all that by myself and I am so grateful that Elena was able to do so. I HIGHLY recommend her! THANK YOU SO MUCH ELENA!"  -Ilona

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